Timeline for Roath Park

This page shows a timeline for the features in Roath Park where dates are definitely known. More information can be obtained from the individual entries in the menu on the left.

Date Event
1887 Site for Roath Park presented by Lord Bute, Lord Tredegar & others
1887 August 24th Cutting of first turf ceremony performed by Lady Bute
1892 Recreation Ground completed by diversion of Roath Brook
1893 Embankment (Promenade) completed & lake filled with water in December
1894 June 20th Roath Park opened by the Earl of Dumfries
1896 May 27th Wild Gardens officially opened
1897 Roath Park House built
1899 Aquarium built in Botanic Garden
1900 Fish hatchery operational
1901 Refreshment House opened
1902 June Aquarium open to the public
1903 Bandstand built
1905 February Figurehead from H.M.S. Thisbe was placed near the Promenade
1905 May Cactus House opened in Botanic Garden
1905 August Two cannon from H.M.S. Havannah were placed near the Promenade
1906 First grass tennis court put down in the Pleasure Garden
1906 Bowling green created in the Pleasure Garden
1907 Chrysanthemum House opened in Botanic Garden
1907 Tea garden in the Pleasure Garden opened
1907 Second bowling green created in the Pleasure Garden
1907 June More grass tennis courts created in Pleasure Garden
1909 January The embankment was widened by 10 feet 6 inches
1913 Children's paddling area created in brook in Recreation Ground
1913 May Boat house with roof-top promenade opened
1913 December 8th Figurehead from Scott's ship Terra Nova placed on the Promenade
1914 Bridge built over the bywash (first bridge below the Promenade)
1915 Scott Memorial clock tower built
1918 October 14th Clock Tower was officially presented by Mr. Bowring
1921 July Concert pavilion opened
1923 Llandennis Gardens opened to the public
1925 October 6th Death of The Fairoak, Y Dderwen deg, reported (ancient oak in Pleasure Gdn)
1931 Taff swim moved to Roath Park lake
1932 Terra Nova figurehead removed from park & accepted by the Museum
1939 September Barrage balloon depot in Recreation Ground
1941 Substantial amount of park railings removed and used for war effort
1943 May Bandstand removed
1945 November Roath Park Recreation Centre (ex-ARP building) opened in Recreation Ground
1947 Aquarium closed due to disuse
1952 December Concert Pavilion removed
1955 February 17th Brick hut in the Wild Gardens to be demolished
1956 Roath Park Library opened in former Recreation Centre (now Penylan Library)
1958 Lake finally closed for public bathing due to water quality
1960 Rose Garden created in Botanical Garden
1967 June Original refreshment house to be demolished
1974 July New Roath Park cafe opened (the Terra Nova)
1975 June Admission charges set for Conservatory in Botanical Garden
Early 1980s Wishing Well installed at western entrance to Promenade
1989 Conservatory glass panels replaced by polycarbonate
c.1990 Giovanni Iacobucci, Head Gardener retired
2022 Summer Ron Jarvis, Head Gardener retired
2022 Autumn New Head Gardener John Haigh in post
2023 April To mark Charles III Coronation a Juglans regia planted at SE end of Botanic Garden