Bute Park, Cardiff

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Created by Andrew Pettigrew, Head Gardener to the third Marquis of Bute between 1873 and 1901, Bute Park was given to the City of Cardiff by the fifth Marquis in 1947, along with Cardiff Castle and Sophia Gardens. The City Council has since purchased and leased further pieces of land to form the modern day park, which covers 59 hectares. Bute Park is particularly noted for its arboretum containing the largest collection of rare and champion trees in any municipal park in Britain. Since 2005 it has been the venue for the annual Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) Flower Show Cardiff.

There are very few early postcards of Bute Park, because it originated as the private grounds of Cardiff Castle. Most postcards show the area immediately around the Castle. As well as postcard images there is a section which explores the documented history of Bute Park, and an aerial photograph taken about 1940.

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