Victoria Park, Cardiff

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Victoria Park, in the Canton district of Cardiff, was built on land formerly called Ely Common, which was acquired by the Cardiff Corporation in 1889, specifically to provide space for public recreation. Originally known as Ely Common Park and occasionally as Canton Park, it was officially opened on 16th June 1897 and named in honour of Queen Victoria in her Diamond Jubilee year. Many of the early postcards feature the ornamental lake which was home to Billy the Seal from 1912 to 1939. As well as postcard images there is a section which explores the documented history of Victoria Park, and in addition two aerial photographs, plus a series of sketchmaps showing the development of the park over the years.

This very short silent video clip is an excerpt from an untitled cine film c.1974 and shows Victoria Park's pool, drinking fountain and southerly flower beds.

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