Fairoak Road Depot

Former Fairoak Depot September 2015

Former Fairoak Depot September 2015

Former Fairoak Depot September 2015

Former Fairoak Depot from Wedal Road September 2015

The first plans to build a Parks Depot were approved in April 1899.[1] It was known as the Fairoak Road Depot and was completed in 1901, at a cost estimated to be £2,200. A house was included, which it was agreed in March 1901 would be rented to the Senior Park Keeper whose duties included looking after the Depot.[2]

In 1975 the Parks Department moved to new accommodation in Heath Park.[3] The original depot (in what was by this time Wedal Road) was vacated and in 1983 leased to the Youth Hostel Association (YHA) to become the Cardiff Youth Hostel. The lease was for 21 years.[4] When it expired in 2014 the building was returned to the Cardiff Council. It was offered for sale in February 2016 and subsequently sold for residential development. The former depot building was demolished in early 2018, while the associated house fronting on Lake Road West remains.[5][6]

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