Terra Nova Café

The Terra Nova was built to replace the original refreshment house which stood adjacent to the west end of the Promenade until the late 1960s. Plans for the new cafe at the south end of the boatstage were approved in 1971 and the building cost of £18,000 was included in the 1972-73 budget.[1] By late 1973 the building was nearing completion and the Parks Committee was considering terms for a tender for the catering rights.[2] In March 1975 the new cafe was officially named Terra Nova in memory of Captain Scott's ship.[3]


On the left of the photograph, the Terra Nova cafe as it was in the 1980s ©John Lee

The Terranova café 1994

The Terra Nova café 1994
©Cardiff Parks Department collection

The Terra Nova has since been extended and refurbished, including the addition of a new roof when the boatstage was renewed in the early 1990s.[4]

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