Botanic Garden planting plans

The Pinetum is on the east side of the Botanic Garden, east of the stream. The plan shown below, source unknown, is dated 1947. The tree shown as Abies magnifica is now believed to be Abies cephalonica. Also the Chamaecyparis lawsoniana 'Aurea' on the east stream bank is now believed to be Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Aurea'. Pinetum planting plan c.1947pdf

A detailed planting scheme for part of the Botanic Garden was found in a collection of plans relating to Cardiff parks.[1] The plan shows the east species border and the area between that and the stream. It starts in the north at the second bridge over the stream and extends to the south end, where a yew hedge separated the Botanic Garden from the nursery area where plants were propagated for all the Cardiff parks. The two original glass houses are shown on the site of the present day conservatory.

Individual trees and shrubs are marked with outlines showing their relative sizes. Conifers are indicated by a broken line and broad-leaved trees by a continuous line. The plan is undated but is thought to relate to the 1960s. Planting plan c.1960pdf

Between 1994 and 2001 Terry Davies, then Horticultural Officer for the Cardiff Parks Service, created a list of interesting plants in the Botanic Garden which has been reproduced with the permision of Cardiff Council. Roath Botanic Garden Plant List 2001 by Terry Daviespdf

Sources of Information

  1. Cardiff Parks : maps and plans of Cardiff Parks, microfilm, available for reference in the Cardiff Library Local Studies Collection.