Roath Park Tea Garden

In the 1900s the Pleasure Garden included a tea room known as the Island Tea Garden, located on the island in the brook in the centre part of the Pleasure Garden. It was created in the winter of 1906-7 and opened in May 1907:

The "island" which for some time has been used for the storing of gardeners' tools, etc., has been transformed into a charming tea-garden, abounding in cosy nooks, and promises to be a most popular feature, as it is situate between the old and new bowling greens and tennis courts.[1]

The Superintendent's Report in February 1910 recommended that the Tea Gardens in the Pleasure Garden be let with the Refreshment Rooms at the Lake, the tenancy of which was to be renewed in May of that year.[2] This was evidently carried out, as it was reported at the Parks Committee meeting in January 1913 that the tenancies for the Refreshment House and Island Tea Garden would expire on 1st May 1913. The Committee decided to invite tenders for a further 3 years tenancy.[3]

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