Pleasure Garden Rose Garden

Historically, the Pleasure Garden had a formal Rose Garden. This area was created not long after that in the Botanic Garden (which was around 1960). Both were planted with fashionable bedding rose types, Hybrid Tea in the Botanic Garden, and Floribunda in the Pleasure Garden. The distinction between these types, and between the two Rose Gardens, was slowly lost as a result of horticultural fashion and breeding.

Below are copies of some leaflets showing the layout of the Pleasure Garden rose beds - click to expand:

Pleasure Garden Rose Rose Border 1990

This leaflet dated 1990

Pleasure Garden Rose Rose Border 1998

This leaflet dated 1998

Initially there were 22 beds, but some were removed as rose sickness became a problem. With reference to the 1998 leaflet, beds 6, 7, 13, 14, 20, 21 and 22 were the first to go. The remaining beds were planted with cultivars bred by a local amateur rose breeder, Lionel Poole. He produced two very good cultivars, "City of Cardiff" and "Cardiff Bay", both of which also occupied beds in the Botanic Garden because of their Hybrid Tea parentage and appearance. Finally in around 2010 the Pleasure Garden roses were reduced to a single bed displaying Lionel Poole cultivars.

The Rose Garden July 2019

The Rose Garden July 2019

The plaque remembering the Rose Breeder Lionel Poole

The plaque commemorating the Rose Hybridist, Lionel Poole, 2019

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