Plant borders in the Botanic Garden

The decision to establish a Botanic Garden in Roath Park was taken as early as 1888 after the Council was encouraged by the Cardiff Naturalists' Society to arrange planting on a scientific and educational basis.[1] Accordingly when William Pettigrew designed this part of the park he allocated a large space to formal beds. These became known as "The Students Garden" because the plants were laid out in beds in their natural orders and were individually labelled.

The Botanic Garden was taken over for food production during the 1939-45 war and the formal beds were not restored after the war. The Rose Garden was created there in the 1950s.

Plant borders

Between 1994 and 2001 Terry Davies, then Horticultural Officer for the Cardiff Parks Service, created a list of interesting plants in the Botanic Garden which has been reproduced here with the permision of Cardiff Council.

Notes concerning the naming of borders

Sources of Information

  1. Guide to Roath Park and Catalogue of Herbaceous Plants in Botanical Gardens, 1905 page 7