Kitchener Gardens

Kitchener Gardens was formed in 1914 from a small part (less than an acre) of the former Canton Common to the north of Jubilee Park, and bordered by Leckwith Road and Wellington Street. It was almost immediately affected by the 1914-1918 war, when land was required for food production and was allocated to allotment holders.[1] After the war it was decided that Kitchener Gardens should in future be a children's playground.

A proposal was approved in December 1925 to construct four hard tennis courts, a space for small children and a caretaker's shelter.[2] After some further debate about whether all the space should be devoted to a children's playground, in February 1926 the Parks Committee decided to reduce the number of tennis courts to two.[3]

The Parks Department Inventory of Parks Buildings and Equipment, compiled for insurance purposes in April 1938, included the following information for Kitchener Gardens:

  • 1938 Buildings and Equipment Inventory: Kitchener Gardens
  • Open Space

In 1941 the City Engineer reported that instructions had been received to create emergency static water supplies in several parks and gardens including Kitchener Gardens.[4] By May 1946 this had been removed: the Director of Parks reported to the Parks Committee that all emergency water supply basins had been removed and he had made a claim for restoration of the sites to their original condition.[5]

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