Insole Court

Insole Court is a Victorian / Edwardian mansion in Llandaff, the home of the coal-owning Insole family from 1858 until the mid 1930s. The original house was built in 1856-57 for James Harvey Insole (1821-1901) and it was then called Ely Court. Cardiff Council bought the property from the Insole family in 1932. The house is now run by the Insole Court Trust which has initiated extensive refurbishments with Heritage Lottery funding.

The following 35 second video clip (which uses the name Llandaff Court) is from a 16mm cine film entitled Cardiff the City of Flowers produced by Cardiff Parks Committee c.1960.[1] The opening scene shows the terrace at the back of the house, looking towards the east. (The audio on this video clip is a little distorted.)

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  1. Cardiff the City of Flowers, cine film produced by City of Cardiff Parks Committee c.1960. Director of Parks W. Nelmes, M.B.E., Filmed by C. Fishwick, Narrator John Darran. (The full film has a run time of 16 minutes of which the section featuring Llandaff / Insole Court is about 40 seconds. The audio quality has been lowered by the many "repairs" to the film over time.)