Maitland Park

This site was formerly known as Maitland Street. The Maitland Street Recreation Ground was created following the extension of the City boundary to include Gabalfa in November 1922. The Council undertook to provide a recreation ground in Gabalfa, and to obtain land at Maitland Street for this purpose if possible. There was already a plan to build houses on the Maitland Street land but it was eventually acquired in December 1925, after prolonged negotiations and consideration of alternative sites.[1] In 1926 fencing was erected around a large part of the site and seats were fixed. This area became a children's playground. The remainder of the land was left unfenced. A proposal to create two hard tennis courts there was abandoned because there was already a plan to provide courts nearby at Maindy.

The Parks Department Inventory of Parks Buildings and Equipment, compiled for insurance purposes in April 1938, included the following information for Maitland Street:

  • 1938 Buildings and Equipment Inventory: Maitland Street
  • Open Space

The present day Maitland Park comprises a children's playground and a rectangular grassed area with a perimeter path. There is a mature Giant sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum) towards the south west, and a group of mature Cherry trees at the north end. On the east side, alongside the path is a line of Pin oaks (Quercus palustris) planted c.2014 by Alex Sibley and his team.

Maitland Park 2024

Maitland Park March 2024 looking south towards the playground

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Sources of Information

In general, the information in this section is taken from A. A. Pettigrew. The Public Parks and Recreation Grounds of Cardiff. Volume 5.

Other sources are:

  1. Meeting of the Parks Open Spaces and Burial Board Committee 12th January 1926