Trees at Roath Brook Gardens

A number of notable trees were planted in these Gardens under the supervision of William Nelmes senior, who succeeded A.A. Pettigrew as Chief Parks Officer in 1936. Some are champion trees, meaning that they are notable for their height, trunk diameter, age or overall size.

By default the trees in the following table are arranged as a walk beginning at the north west corner and heading towards Roath Mill Gardens. This table can be sorted on botanical name or common name by clicking on the Name or Common Name heading.

Name Common Name Origin Status Location   OS Grid Tag Place Event Waypoint
Celtis australis Nettle tree Mediterranean Rare GB Champion 2013 South west corner ST 19369 78168   Roath Brook   059
Acer x dieckii Dieck's maple Garden origin GB Champion 2013 By south west gate ST 19388 78162   Roath Brook   125
Osmanthus x burkwoodii Burkwood osmanthus Garden origin Wales Champion 2013 Approx 13M west of foot bridge ST 19457 78138   Roath Brook   135
Lonicera chrysantha Honeysuckle North East Asia Wales Champion 2013 Opposite Cressy Road ST 19486 78120   Roath Brook   062
Crataegus monogyna Common hawthorn Europe   Opposite Cressy Road ST 19495 78118   Roath Brook   311
Pterocarya fraxinifolia Caucasian wingnut Caucasus Wales Champion 2013 Approx opposite Cressy Road ST 19508 78097   Roath Brook   124
Styphnolobium japonicum Pagoda tree North China Glamorgan Champion 2013 Approx opposite Cressy Road ST 19511 78091   Roath Brook   293
Sorbus intermedia Swedish whitebeam N.W. Europe Glamorgan Champion 2013 Approx 65M east of foot bridge ST 19526 78093   Roath Brook   123
Mespilus germanica Medlar S.E. Europe & C. Asia   Towards the south east of Gdns ST 19519 78080   Roath Brook   292
Laurus nobilis Bay laurel Mrditerranean Wales Champion 2013 East end near gate ST 19549 78080   Roath Brook   141
Crataegus chrysocarpa Fireberry hawthorn E. North America Rare Wales Champion 2013 East end by road bridge ST 19543 78068   Roath Brook   118

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