The Hayes Drinking Fountain

This ornate fountain situated in The Hayes close to the Free Library, was formally presented to the City in September 1908 by Miss Lena Samuel in memory of her uncle Mr Harry Samuel "who was for a great number of years identified with the commercial and political life of that ward."[1][2] It was the fourth memorial fountain donated by the Samuel family and a photograph taken at the dedication ceremony, showing the fountain and members of the Samuel family, appeared in both the Weekly Mail[2] and the Evening Express and Evening Mail.[4]

The postcard below shows the position of the drinking fountain with respect to the Free Library; it is towards the left side of the picture.

Drinking fountain in The Hayes

Postcard: The Grosvenor Series, postmarked 1912

The image below is a highly magnified view of the postcard focusing on the fountain.

Drinking fountain in The Hayes

In 1931 The City Engineer (Mr. George Whitaker) said that this fountain had not been used for some years, and it would be just as well to take it away.[5] It was, however, still present in February 1933 when the Public Works Committee received a letter from Mr Jack Samuel, describing the Hayes fountain as "a disgrace".[6] In April 1934 the Property and Markets Committee "approved the removal of the Samuel Fountain from the Hayes to the Grand-avenue, Ely."[7] It is believed to the the drinking fountain shown on Ordnance Survey maps from 1940 to 1970 inclusive, in Grand Avenue at the junction with Phyllis Crescent, Red House Crescent and Charteris Road.

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