Customhouse Street Drinking Fountain

In February 1862 it was reported:-

Another drinking fountain.- Last week a beautiful new fountain, cast in bronze, surmounted with a bust of the Queen, and a cherub on each side, has been placed in the wall on the south side of Whitmore Lane. On the base are these words:-
"I will give unto him that is a athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely." - Rev XXI.6.[1]

This drinking fountain is thought to be the one reported as being already in place in April 1862.[2]

There is mention in 1874 of a fountain at the corner of Whitmore Lane, now named Customhouse Street, on the premises of Y.C. Yorath, chemist, though it was stated that Mr Yorath "had nothing to do with the supply of water". This fountain was reported to be dripping and in need of maintenance.[3]

(It was not marked on 1880 or 1900 Ordnance Survey maps.)

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