Drinking Fountains

Two drinking fountains were shown on the 1920s Ordnance Survey map in Sophia Gardens. One was at the south end, beside a main path leading from the southerly lodge, and the second was roughly in the centre of the park, beside the east-west path from the bandstand.

These were probably the two drinking fountains discussed at a meeting of the Cardiff Waterworks Committee in August 1903. The Committee received a letter from Mr. E.W.M. Corbett of the Bute Offices "stating that it had been pointed out to him that two small drinking fountains would be of great use to the children and others frequenting the Sophia Gardens. He had been told that the children were driven to drink the water in the River Taff, which was a most dangerous practice, and he would be glad to hear that, if he got the fountains erected, the corporation would make no charge for the water consumed at them."[1] The Committee agreed to make no charge provided that the water would be for drinking only.

Both fountains were still present in the 1940s but on the 1950s map only the southerly one remained, the centre of the park now being occupied by the pavilion.

Sources of information

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