Drinking Fountain

In June 1909 a drinking fountain, one of several donated to the city by the Samuel family, was installed in Grange Gardens.[1] This fountain was presented by the Samuel brothers in memory of their sister Mrs Rachel Joseph.[2] It was formally handed over by her daughter, Miss Joseph, on July 13th 1909 and accepted by the Lord Mayor on behalf of the Council.[3]

Grange Garden Drinking Fountain

Photograph supplied by Cardiff Central Library Local Studies, showing the presentation
of the Samuel memorial drinking fountain in Grange Gardens, 13th July 1909.

Grange Garden Drinking Fountain

Grange Gardens drinking fountain replica canopy (June 2017)

The original fountain and canopy were removed during the Second World War, possibly in 1943, after the Parks Committee decided in March of that year that it would not object to the removal of canopies from fountains in the parks in connection with the war effort.

A modern replica of the canopy was installed in 2001 following an award from the Heritage Lottery Fund. It was placed on the same path but approximately 14M north east of the original position, where the path passes through a group of three mature plane trees. The inscription on the replica is a copy of that on the Victoria Park canopy, as it reads "In memoriam - Lewin L Samuel - Aged 39 Years. Died 1893. Presented to the city of Cardiff in the year 1908 by his brothers in affectionate remembrance".[4] The inscription on the original is unknown but it was dedicated to Mrs Rachel Joseph.

The replica canopy also has an incorrect griffin model - it has outstretched wings instead of wings tucked in to the side.[5]

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