Euonymus grandiflorus at Victoria Park

Euonymus grandiflorus 0

Euonymus grandiflorus
mid May 2015

Euonymus grandiflorus 1

Euonymus grandiflorus
late June 2015

Euonymus grandiflorus 2

Euonymus grandiflorus fruit becoming pink
mid November 2015

Grid reference ST 15430 76785
Common name Spindle tree
Origin Himalaya and West China
Deciduous Yes
Status GB Champion 2013
Height 10M March 2015
Height 11M September 2021
Girth 156cm March 2015
Girth 175cm September 2021
Reference 134

This tree is west of children's playground on the Victoria Park Road West boundary. It was planted when the park had shrub borders around its perimeter. These borders were part of the park's original design and were retained until the late 1980s, since when the Euonymus grandiflorus has stood alone. It was a mature tree in the 1960s and has apparently not changed significantly since.

Euonymus grandiflorus bark

Euonymus grandiflorus bark
May 2015

Euonymus grandiflorus leaf

Euonymus grandiflorus leaf
mid May 2015

Euonymus grandiflorus foliage

Euonymus grandiflorus foliage
late June 2015

Euonymus grandiflorus flower

Euonymus grandiflorus flowers
late June 2015

Euonymus grandiflorus flower2

Euonymus grandiflorus flowers
late August 2015

Euonymus grandiflorus fruit

Euonymus grandiflorus fruit
late October 2015

Euonymus grandiflorus fruit1

Euonymus grandiflorus fruit with red seed
late October 2015

Euonymus grandiflorus foliage2

Euonymus grandiflorus with lantern-like fruits
mid November 2015

General tree description

Euonymus grandiflorus has elliptic, thick-textured leaves up to 10cm long. It has lime-green flowers in June, colouring the whole crown of the tree. In autumn there are Chinese lantern-like fruits, initially brilliant white and slowly becoming suffused with pink. Red seeds may be seen within as they open and soon drop out.