† Carpinus betulus at Victoria Park

Carpinus betulus 0

Carpinus betulus
October 2016

Grid reference ST 15465 76986
Common name Common hornbeam
Common name European hornbeam
Origin Europe and Asia Minor
Deciduous Yes
Height 9M October 2016
Girth 196cm October 2016
Reference 483

†This tree has not been completely identified. It is an unusual shape for a C. betulus.

This tree is located on the southern edge of the playing field, not far from the bandstand.

Carpinus betulus bark

Carpinus betulus bark
October 2016

Carpinus betulus catkin1

Carpinus betulus catkins
early April 2017

Carpinus betulus catkin2

Carpinus betulus catkins
early April 2017

Carpinus betulus leaf2

Carpinus betulus new leaves
early April 2017

Carpinus betulus leaf

Carpinus betulus leaf
late October 2016

Carpinus betulus fruit

Carpinus betulus fruit
late October 2016

General tree description

Carpinus betulus is a medium to large tree, usually 20 to 25 metres tall and with a rounded shape. Its bark is grey and smooth, developing fissures in maturity, when the trunk also becomes fluted and lumpy. The leaves are ovate, ribbed and finely toothed, 7 to 12 cm long, and dark glossy green through the summer. Male flowers are catkins appearing in yellow curtains in spring. Female flowers develop into small fruits in clusters of drooping winged bracts. These are 3cm long and randomly toothed. In autumn the foliage - leaves and winged fruits - turns golden yellow.