Quercus canariensis at Trelai Park

Quercus canariensis 0

Quercus canariensis
early February 2016

Grid reference ST 14833 76443
Common name Algerian oak
Common name Mirbeck's oak
Origin North Africa and Iberia
Deciduous No, semi-evergreen
Status Rare
Status Glamorgan Champion 2016
Height 17M February 2016
Girth 249cm February 2016
Reference 402

This tree is at the north east corner of Trelai Park. It is close to the path that passes the children's playground and bowling green.

Quercus canariensis bark

Quercus canariensis bark

Quercus canariensis leaf

Quercus canariensis leaves
early February 2016

Quercus canariensis acorn

Quercus canariensis acorns
mid September 2017

Quercus canariensis acorn2

Quercus canariensis acorns
mid September 2017

General tree description

Quercus canariensis is a medium to large tree, up to around 30 metres tall, with a dense, rounded head when mature. It has dark purplish-grey bark, deeply fissured with small square plates. Its leaves are large - up to 18cm long - oval or obovate, dark shining green above, but paler, slightly glaucous, below. They are shallowly lobed, with eight to fourteen pairs of small regular lobes, and remain on the tree through winter. Flowers appear in April and May. The male flowers are catkins, and the (inconspicuous) female flowers when fertilised develop into acorns. These are 2.5cm long, in downy cups.