Arbutus unedo f. rubra at Llwynfedw Gardens

Arbutus unedo f. rubra 0

Arbutus unedo f. rubra with fruit & flowers
late October 2019

Grid reference ST 16934 80176
Common name Strawberry tree
Common name Pink strawberry tree
Common name Killarney strawberry tree
Alternative name Arbutus unedo 'Rubra'
Origin SW Ireland & Mediterranean
Deciduous No
Status GB Champion 2019
Planted late 1970s
Height 5.5M November 2019
Girth 105cm @ 0.85M November 2019
Reference 590

This tree is north of the bowling green, beside the Pedair Erw Road boundary.

Still present in March 2022.

Arbutus unedo f. rubra bark

Arbutus unedo f. rubra with fallen fruit
early November 2019

Arbutus unedo f. rubra flower1

Arbutus unedo f. rubra flowers
early November 2019

Arbutus unedo f. rubra fruit1

Arbutus unedo f. rubra flowers & fruit
late October 2019

Arbutus unedo f. rubra fruit2

Arbutus unedo f. rubra fruit
early November 2019

Arbutus unedo f. rubra leaf1

Arbutus unedo f. rubra leaves
early November 2019

General tree description

Arbutus unedo f. rubra is a form of the Strawberry tree (Arbutus unedo) discovered growing wild in Ireland in 1835. It has pink flowers rather than creamy-white.

Arbutus unedo is a small tree, sometimes reaching 15 metres in height, and with a dense, rounded shape. It has deep brown, shredding bark. The leaves are small (about 8cm long) and glossy dark green with serrated edges. Flowers and fruits are appear simultaneously in late autumn. The flowers, in drooping clusters, are creamy white and bell-shaped. The strawberry-like fruits emerge yellow and ripen to red the following autumn. The fruits are edible but not pleasant, and the Latin name unedo is said to mean "I eat only one", attributed to Pliny the Elder.