Acer cappadocicum at Llandaff Fields

Acer cappadocicum 0

Acer cappadocicum
April 2016

Acer cappadocicum 1

Acer cappadocicum
late May 2016

Grid reference ST 16105 77674
Common name Cappadocian maple
Origin West Asia
Deciduous Yes
Height 15M April 2016
Girth 238cm April 2016
Reference 427

Near the old drinking fountain.

Acer cappadocicum bark

Acer cappadocicum bark
April 2016

Acer cappadocicum leaf

Acer cappadocicum leaves & seeds
late May 2016

Acer cappadocicum seed

Acer cappadocicum seeds
late May 2016

General tree description

Acer cappadocicum is a fast-growing tree which can reach 30 metres tall and has a broad, rounded crown. Its bark is greenish-grey, with shallow grooves when the tree is mature. The leaves are palmate with five to seven lobes, 6 to 15cm across. The flowers appear in early spring and are yellow-green with five petals 3 to 4mm long.