Quercus rubra at Hailey Park

Quercus rubra 0

Quercus rubra
early September 2015

Grid reference ST 14782 78893
Common name Red oak
Origin East North America
Deciduous Yes
Height 19M September 2015
Girth 177cm September 2015
Reference 297

THis tree is a few metres south west of the southerly playground.

Quercus rubra bark

Quercus rubra bark
September 2015

Quercus rubra leaf

Quercus rubra leaves
early September 2015

General tree description

Quercus rubra is a fast-growing tree, typically reaching about 25 metres tall in open ground, though much higher in forests in its native habitat. When mature it has a broad round-topped crown. It has large oblong-ovate leaves, 10 to 25 cm long, 10 to 15 cm broad, with seven to eleven lobes. They are dark green and smooth, turning red in autumn. The acorns ripen after two years and are egg-shaped, up to 2.5 cm long.