Ulmus 'New Horizon' at Bute Park

Ulmus 'New Horizon' 0

Ulmus 'New Horizon'
early October 2022

Grid reference ST 17767 76653
Common name 'New Horizon' Elm
Deciduous Yes
Status Wales Champion 2022
Missing tag 3980
Height 16M October 2022
Girth 189cm @ 0.5M October 2022
Reference 848

This tree is just beyond the south end of the Herbaceous Border, at the path junction. Beside it is a rock which used to carry the notice "Entrance to the Arboretum".

Ulmus 'New Horizon' bark

Ulmus 'New Horizon' bark
early October 2022

Ulmus 'New Horizon' leaf1

Ulmus 'New Horizon' leaves
early October 2022

General tree description

Ulmus 'New Horizon' is a hybrid cultivar from a crossing of the Siberian Elm (Ulmus pumila) with the Japanese Elm (Ulmus davidiana var. japonica). It was patented in 1994, and reportedly has excellent resistance to Dutch elm disease. It has a compact, pyramidal form and dense foliage comprising dark-green, elliptical leaves up to 9cm long by 7cm broad. These turn yellow in autumn. Small, pale green flowers appear in early spring before the leaves emerge, followed by winged fruits in late spring.