Tilia tomentosa 'Chelsea Sentinel' at Bute Park

Tilia tomentosa 'Chelsea Sentinel' 0

Tilia tomentosa 'Chelsea Sentinel'
December 2015

Tilia tomentosa 'Chelsea Sentinel' 1

Tilia tomentosa 'Chelsea Sentinel'
late June 2016

Grid reference ST 17723 76888
Common name Chelsea Sentinel lime
Origin Garden origin
Deciduous Yes
Status GB Champion 2023
Tag 2262
Old tag 40
Planted 1988/89
Height 19M January 2016
Girth 127cm December 2015
Girth 150cm June 2023
Reference 380

This tree is towards the north of Old Man's Wood east, approximately 90M east of the Summerhouse Cafe.

Tilia tomentosa 'Chelsea Sentinel' bark

Tilia tomentosa 'Chelsea Sentinel' bark
January 2016

Tilia tomentosa 'Chelsea Sentinel' leaf

Tilia tomentosa 'Chelsea Sentinel' leaves
late June 2016

General tree description

Tilia tomentosa 'Chelsea Sentinel' is a cultivar of the Silver lime, Tilia tomentosa, a large tree up to 30 metres tall, with a broad pyramidal shape and roundish, heart-shaped leaves. These are sharply toothed, dark green above and silvery white-tomentose beneath. The flowers are a dull white, produced in clusters in late summer. 'Chelsea Sentinel' has a distinctly columnar shape, weeping branches and long-stalked leaves.