Tilia maximowicziana at Bute Park

Tilia maximowicziana 0

Tilia maximowicziana

Tilia maximowicziana 1

Tilia maximowicziana

Grid reference ST 17940 76786
Common name Maximowiczi's lime
Origin North Japan
Deciduous Yes
Status Wales Champion 2023
Missing tag 1616
Height 23M December 2015
Height 23M February 2023
Girth 220cm December 2015
Girth 228cm February 2023
Reference 382

This tree is on the west side of the Castle Mews woodland, approximately 77M north of the Dock Feeder bridge by the Castle, on the east side of the canal.

Tilia maximowicziana bark

Tilia maximowicziana bark
mid June 2016

Tilia maximowicziana fruit

Tilia maximowicziana fruit
late December 2015

Tilia maximowicziana foliage

Tilia maximowicziana foliage
early June 2016

General tree description

Tilia maximowicziana is a medium-sized to large tree, with a rounded and spreading shape, and up to 30 metres tall. It has ovate to rounded leaves, 10 to 18cm long, coarsely toothed, dark green and covered with grey down on the underside. Mature trees may flower in June or July. The flowers are small, pale white-green, fragrant, and in clusters of ten to eighteen. The fruits are about 1cm long and ribbed.