Sorbus 'Wilfrid Fox' at Bute Park

Sorbus 'Wilfrid Fox' 0

Sorbus 'Wilfrid Fox'
early December 2015

Sorbus 'Wilfrid Fox' 1

Sorbus 'Wilfrid Fox'
early June 2016

Grid reference ST 17430 77379
Common name Wilfrid Fox whitebeam
Origin Garden origin
Deciduous Yes
Status GB Champion 2023
Tag 2930
Height 11M December 2015
Girth 176cm December 2015
Girth 187cm February 2023
Reference 370

This tree is towards the centre of the Blackweir woodland south.

Sorbus 'Wilfrid Fox' bark

Sorbus 'Wilfrid Fox' bark
August 2016

Sorbus 'Wilfrid Fox' leaf

Sorbus 'Wilfrid Fox' new leaves & buds
mid May 2016

Sorbus 'Wilfrid Fox' flower

Sorbus 'Wilfrid Fox' flowers
early June 2016

Sorbus 'Wilfrid Fox' flower2

Sorbus 'Wilfrid Fox' flowers
early June 2016

Sorbus 'Wilfrid Fox' flower3

Sorbus 'Wilfrid Fox' spent flowers
early July 2016

Sorbus 'Wilfrid Fox' fruit1

Sorbus 'Wilfrid Fox' fruit
early August 2016

Sorbus 'Wilfrid Fox' fruit2

Sorbus 'Wilfrid Fox' fruit
early August 2016

General tree description

Sorbus 'Wilfrid Fox' is a hybrid of the Common whitebeam (Sorbus aria) and the Himalayan whitebeam (Sorbus vestita). It is a medium sized tree, growing to around 14 metres tall, and with a round head when mature. Its leaves are elliptic, 15 to 20cm long, toothed and shallow lobed, leathery, dark glossy green above and greyish white underneath. The fruits are 2cm across, initialy green, ripening to amber with grey dots.