Rhus potaninii at Bute Park

Rhus potaninii 0

Rhus potaninii
late October 2022

Grid reference ST 17709 76694
Common name Chinese varnish tree
Origin E. Asia - C. and W. China
Deciduous Yes
Status Rather rare
Status Wales Champion 2023
Missing tag 3285
Missing old tag 520
Height 7M November 2022
Girth 230cm @0.25M November 2022
Reference 851

This tree is in the Riverside Border, close to the main footpath and 150 metres south of the Summerhouse Cafe.

Rhus potaninii bark1

Rhus potaninii bark
late October 2022

Rhus potaninii leaf1

Rhus potaninii leaves
late October 2022