Quercus velutina at Bute Park

Quercus velutina 0

Quercus velutina
mid October 2017

Grid reference ST 17408 77370
Common name Black oak
Common name Yellowbark oak
Common name Quercitron oak
Origin East USA
Deciduous Yes
Status Rather rare
Status Glamorgan Champion 2023
Missing tag 2923
Missing old tag 454
Planted 1992-3
Height 12M October 2017
Girth 96cm among branches, October 2017
Girth 133cm among branches, February 2023
Reference 537

This tree is towards the centre of the Blackweir woodland south, beside a muddy footpath.

A typical leaf was about 30cm long.

Quercus velutina bark

Quercus velutina bark
mid October 2017

Quercus velutina leaf

Quercus velutina leaves
mid October 2017

Quercus velutina leafu

Quercus velutina underside of leaf
mid October 2017

Quercus velutina leaf2

Quercus velutina leaf
mid October 2017

General tree description

Quercus velutina is a large tree, up to around 30 metres tall, usually with a narrow rather than spreading shape. It has grey bark, closely square-cracked, and with the yellow-orange underbark (the source of quercitron dye) visible through the cracks. The leaves are large - often 30cm in tength - dark, glossy green above and pale below, thick and leathery, on yellow stalks. They have variable numbers of deep, angular lobes terminating in a bristle. The autumn colour is a rich glossy brown. The acorns are up to 2cm long, half enclosed in a deep, hairy cup.