Quercus laurifolia at Bute Park

Quercus laurifolia 0

Quercus laurifolia
late February 2023

Grid reference ST 17440 77380
Common name Laurel oak
Common name Diamond-leaf oak
Alternative name Quercus obtusa
Origin East USA
Deciduous Semi-evergreen
Status Rare
Status Wales Champion 2023
Missing tag 2932
Missing old tag 400
Height 8.5M November 2020
Girth 155cm @ 0.3M November 2020
Girth 158cm @ 0.3M February 2023
Reference 617

This tree is towards the centre of the Blackweir woodland south.

Quercus laurifolia bark

Quercus laurifolia bark
late November 2020

Quercus laurifolia leaf4

Quercus laurifolia new leaves
late February 2023

Quercus laurifolia leaf2

Quercus laurifolia wet leaves
late November 2020

Quercus laurifolia leaf1

Quercus laurifolia wet leaves
late November 2020

General tree description

Quercus laurifolia is thought to be natural hybrid of Water oak (Q. nigra) and Willow oak (Q. phellos). It is a semi evergreen, medium-sized tree reaching 18 to 24 metres in height, with a dense, rounded shape. Its bark is dark brown and smooth at first, becoming fissured later. The leaves are glossy green, almost hairless and very variable in shape and size - up to 13cm long and 4.5cm broad. They may be Willow-like (oblong-lanceolate), or broader with a rounded tip and asymmetric lobes. Fruits are acorns 2.5cm long, which ripen in their second year.