Quercus agrifolia at Bute Park

Quercus agrifolia 0

Quercus agrifolia
mid October 2017

Quercus agrifolia 1

Quercus agrifolia
early January 2018

Grid reference ST 17714 76832
Common name Coast live oak
Common name Californian live oak
Common name Encina
Origin California & N.W. Mexico
Deciduous No
Status Rare
Missing tag 2209
Missing old tag 114
Planted 1989-90
Height 10M January 2018
Girth 168cm @ 0.2M January 2018
Girth 192cm @ 0.2M June 2023
Reference 543

This tree is towards the north end of Old Man's Wood east, 65M east of the Summerhouse Cafe.

Quercus agrifolia bark

Quercus agrifolia bark
October 2017

Quercus agrifolia leaf

Quercus agrifolia leaves
mid October 2017

Quercus agrifolia leaf2

Quercus agrifolia young leaves
mid October 2017

Quercus agrifolia acorn

Quercus agrifolia acorns
early September 2019

General tree description

Quercus agrifolia is a small to medium-sized tree, up to around 17 metres tall in Great Britain, with a bushy shape and a rounded crown. It has dark grey or black bark that becomes rough and fissured with age. The leaves are 2.5 to 5cm long, oval or rounded in shape, hard and often convex, with spiny teeth. They are shiny green above, mid-green and smooth underneath except for hairy tufts in the vein joints. The acorns are cone shaped and 2.5cm long, with the lower third enclosed in the cup.