Prunus x fontanesiana at Bute Park

Prunus x fontanesiana 0

Prunus x fontanesiana
late November 2015

Prunus x fontanesiana 1

Prunus x fontanesiana
early May 2016

Grid reference ST 17680 76789
Common name  
Origin Southern Europe
Deciduous Yes
Status GB Champion 2023
Tag 2080
Old tag 39
Planted 1988/89
Height 19M November 2015
Height 18M January 2023
Girth 111cm November 2015
Girth 116cm January 2023
Reference 347

This tree is at the north end of Old Man's Wood west, 55M south of the Summerhouse Cafe. It is labelled Prunus maackii. The Tree Register identifies it as Prunus x fontanesiana but states that it was planted as P.maackii. In January 2023 its crown is reduced possibly by wind damage.

Prunus x fontanesiana bark

Prunus x fontanesiana bark
November 2015

Prunus x fontanesiana flower

Prunus x fontanesiana flowers
early May 2016

Prunus x fontanesiana leaf

Prunus x fontanesiana leaves
early May 2016

General tree description

Prunus x fontanesiana is thought to be a natural hybrid between P. avium and P. mahaleb. It is a fast-growing tree reaching 15 metres or more in height. The leaves are dark green, ovate to oval, sometimes heart-shaped, 7 to 12cm long and finely toothed. The flowers are white, 2.5cm, appearing in clusters in May. The fruits are globular, the size of a small cherry and nearly black.