Prunus 'Ichiyo' at Bute Park

Prunus 'Ichiyo' 0

Prunus 'Ichiyo'
late March 2018

Prunus 'Ichiyo' 1

Prunus 'Ichiyo'
mid June 2018

Grid reference ST 17695 77096
Common name Cherry 'Ichiyo'
Origin Garden origin
Deciduous Yes
Status GB Champion 2023
Tag 2533
Height 10M March 2018
Girth 239cm March 2018
Girth 244cm May 2023
Reference 555

This tree is towards the south of the Cherry group.

Prunus 'Ichiyo' bark

Prunus 'Ichiyo' bark
late March 2018

Prunus 'Ichiyo' flower

Prunus 'Ichiyo' flowers, buds and new leaves
mid April 2018

Prunus 'Ichiyo' leaf

Prunus 'Ichiyo' leaves
late may 2018

General tree description

Prunus 'Ichiyo' is a small, spreading tree up to 8 metres in height and breadth, with ascending main branches. Its young leaves are pale brown or light bronze, soon becoming green, and turning red and orange in autumn. The flowers are double (up to 25 petals), 4.75cm across and pale pink, eventually fading to white. They are borne in drooping, long-stalked clusters in mid spring. 'Ichiyo' means 'one-leaf' in Japanese, a reference to a leaf-like pistil in the centre of the flower.