Populus maximowiczii at Bute Park

Populus maximowiczii 0

Populus maximowiczii
late April 2023

Grid reference ST 17741 76641
Common name Doronoki
Origin East Asia
Deciduous Yes
Status Rare
Status Wales Champion 2023
Missing tag 3266
Height 23M April 2023
Girth 169cm October 2022
Reference 862

This tree is in the Riverside Border, near the path juntion leading to the Blackfriars site. This species is one of the first Populus to come into leaf in spring.

Populus maximowiczii bark1

Populus maximowiczii bark
March 2023

Populus maximowiczii catkin1

Populus maximowiczii catkins & emerging leaves
mid March 2022

Populus maximowiczii catkin2

Populus maximowiczii catkins
mid March 2022

Populus maximowiczii leaf1

Populus maximowiczii new leaves
late March 2022