† Pinus strobus at Bute Park

Pinus strobus 0

Pinus strobus
mid February 2022

Grid reference ST 17750 76929
Common name Weymouth pine
Origin East North America
Deciduous No
Missing tag 2274
Missing old tag 232
Height 17M March 2022
Girth 137cm March 2022
Reference 800

†Not fully identified

On the north east edge of Old Man's Wood, close to a main footpath.

Needles measured 7 to 9cm in length

Pinus strobus bark1

Pinus strobus bark
mid February 2022

Pinus strobus leaf1

Pinus strobus leaves
mid February 2022

General tree description

Pinus strobus can become a very large tree, over 40 metres tall in Britain. It has a spire shape when young, later developing a rounded head. The bark is smooth and may be dark grey, purplish or grey-pink with short, narrow fissures. The foliage is glaucous green, the leaves comprising five slender needles, 8 to 15cm long, with white-lined inner surfaces. Male flowers are 6mm ovoids, white with reddish tips. Female flowers are cylindric, 1.5cm long and pale pink. The cones are usually 10 to 15cm long, rarely to 25cm, and 4 to 5cm broad. They are pointed, slightly curved, with scales curving outwards and they may be resinous.