Pinus muricata at Bute Park

Pinus muricata 0

Pinus muricata
mid February 2022

Grid reference ST 17769 76911
Common name Bishop pine
Origin California &NW Mexico
Deciduous No
Missing tag 1991
Missing old tag 406
Planted 1991-2
Height 16M February 2022
Girth 192cm @ 1M February 2022
Reference 795

This tree is towards the north west side of Coopers Field, only about 30M south east from the "Pumbaa" feature.

Pinus muricata bark1

Pinus muricata bark
mid February 2022

Pinus muricata leaf1

Pinus muricata leaves
mid February 2022

Pinus muricata cone1

Pinus muricata open cones
mid February 2022

Pinus muricata cone2

Pinus muricata closed cones
mid February 2022

General tree description

Pinus muricata is a medium-sized to large tree, 15 to 25 metres tall, with a dense, flat top and wide spreading branches. The bark is brown or blackish with deep fissures. Leaves are needles in pairs, up to about 15cm long, grey-green, stiff and curved. The cones are egg-shaped, around 9cm long, and often remain unopened on the branches for many years. They have a small prickle on each scale.