Phellodendron chinense at Bute Park

Phellodendron chinense 0

Phellodendron chinense
late January 2016

Grid reference ST 17621 76973
Common name Chinese cork tree
Origin Central China
Deciduous Yes
Status Rare
Status GB Champion 2023
Missing tag 3120
Height 15M January 2016
Girth 343 at 0.9M December 2015
Girth 351 at 0.9M March 2023
Reference 361

This tree is towards the north of the Camellia Garden, about 100M north of the Millenium Bridge. It is best seen looking east down the slope from the main footpath.

Phellodendron chinense bark

Phellodendron chinense bark
December 2015

Phellodendron chinense leaf

Phellodendron chinense pinnate leaf
late May 2016

Phellodendron chinense fruit

Phellodendron chinense fruit
mid July 2016

General tree description

Phellodendron chinense is a wide-spreading tree up to about 15 metres tall. It has dark green, leathery, pinnate leaves, up to 38cm long and comprising seven to thirteen oblong leaflets. They turn yellow in autumn. Greenish-yellow, drooping flowers appear in early summer, followed on female trees by black berry-like fruits that ripen in autumn.