Mespilus germanica at Bute Park

Mespilus germanica 0

Mespilus germanica
late May 2016

Grid reference ST 17580 77382
Common name Medlar
Origin S.E. Europe to Central Asia
Deciduous Yes
Tag 2735
Height 4.5M May 2016
Girth 55cm May 2016
Girth 57cm February 2023
Reference 445

This tree is slightly north of the centre of the Hawthorn group, close to the main foot path.

Mespilus germanica bark

Mespilus germanica bark
late May 2016

Mespilus germanica leaf

Mespilus germanica leaves
late May 2016

Mespilus germanica flower

Mespilus germanica flower
late May 2016

Mespilus germanica foliage

Mespilus germanica foliage
late May 2016

Mespilus germanica fruit

Mespilus germanica fruit
late August 2016

General tree description

Mespilus germanica can grow up to 6 metres in height with a wide-spreading form. It has scaly, grey-brown bark and spiny, twisted branches. The leaves are oblong to lanceolate and large, up to 15cm, dull green and with dense hairs underneath. They turn russet in autumn. Large white flowers appear in May and June followed by brown fruits. These are pear-shaped or globular, 2 to 3cm across. This tree is not common and is described in the Tree Register Handbook (2011) as "occasional", meaning "individuals in many large gardens or towns but more generally absent".