Malus x purpurea at Bute Park

Malus x purpurea 0

Malus x purpurea 
(Behind is Malus x moerlandsii 'Liset', the same colour & taller)
lateApril 2017

Grid reference ST 17777 77047
Common name Purple crab
Origin Garden origin
Deciduous Yes
Tag 2380
Height 5M April 2017
Girth 60cm April 2017
Girth 60cm February 2023
Reference 507

This tree is roughly in the middle of the Apple group. Although it flowered well, later in the season its fruit and leaves were disappointing.

Malus x purpurea bark

Malus x purpurea bark
early May 2017

Malus x purpurea leaf

Malus x purpurea new leaves
late April 2017

Malus x purpurea flower

Malus x purpurea flowers
late April 2017

Malus x purpurea flower2

Malus x purpurea flowers
late April 2017

Malus x purpurea leaf2

Malus x purpurea leaves & fruit
early August 2017

Malus x purpurea fruit

Malus x purpurea fruit
early August 2017

General tree description

Malus x purpurea is a hybrid of M. x astrosanguinea and M. niedzwetzkyana. It is a small tree with an open, untidy shape, reaching up to around 10 metres tall. It has purplish-grey bark with shallow cracks. The leaves are up to 6cm by 3cm and lobed. They emerge glossy purple but fade to dark purplish-green. The spring flowers are a vivid red-purple and are followed by dark red crab apple fruits that look like cherries.