Malus toringo #2 at Bute Park

Malus toringo 0

Malus toringo
mid May 2018

Malus toringo 1

Malus toringo
mid June 2018

Malus toringo 3

Malus toringo
late October 2018

Grid reference ST 17804 77038
Common name Siebold's crab
Common name Toringo crab apple
Alternative name Malus sieboldii
Origin Japan
Deciduous Yes
Status Rather rare
Status Wales Champion 2023
Tag 1956
Height 7.5M May 2018
Girth 127cm @ 0.4M May 2018
Reference 563

This tree is on the east side of the Apple group, by the canal and close to the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama.

Malus toringo bark

Malus toringo
mid May 2018

Malus toringo foliage

Malus toringo part of a flowering branch
mid May 2018

Malus toringo flower

Malus toringo flower
mid May 2018

Malus toringo leaf

Malus toringo leaves & new fruit
mid July 2018

Malus toringo fruit1

Malus toringo apples
early October 2018

Malus toringo fruit2

Malus toringo apples
late October 2018

General tree description

Malus toringo is a small tree, usually 3 to 5 metres tall, with a low, semi-weeping shape. Its leaves may be simple or irregularly lobed. They are bright green, turning yellow in autumn. The flowers are deep pink in bud and fade to white-pink. The fuits are tiny (about 5mm across) and yellow or brownish red.