Malus spp #1 at Bute Park

Malus spp 0

Malus spp
late December 2015

Malus spp 1

Malus spp  in flower
early May 2016

Malus spp 2

Malus spp  with fruit
early September 2016

Grid reference ST 17816 77057
Common name Crab apple
Deciduous Yes
Tag 1952
Height 9M January 2016
Girth 88cm December 2015
Girth 90cm February 2023
Reference 378

This tree is on the east side of the Apple group, by the canal and close to the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. It is approximately 33M from the Fishers Bridge.

Malus spp bark1

Malus spp bark
late August 2016

Malus spp leaf

Malus spp leaves & buds
mid April 2016

Malus spp bud

Malus spp leaves & buds
late April 2016

Malus spp flower

Malus spp flower
early May 2016

Malus spp fruit

Malus spp fruit
early August 2016

Malus spp fruit2

Malus spp fruit
late August 2016

General tree description

Exact species not yet determined.