Malus 'Frau Luise Dittman' at Bute Park

Malus 'Frau Luise Dittman' 0

Malus 'Frau Luise Dittman'
mid March 2024

Grid reference ST 17779 77062
Common name Frau Luise Dittman crab
Origin Garden origin
Deciduous Yes
Status GB Champion 2023
Tag 2401
Height 8M Mar 2024
Girth 71cm February 2023
Reference 899

This tree is on the west side of the Apple Group; just across the path from Fishers Bridge.

Malus 'Frau Luise Dittman' bark1

Malus 'Frau Luise Dittman' bark
March 2024

Malus 'Frau Luise Dittman' leaf1

Malus 'Frau Luise Dittman' leaves buds & flowers
mid March 2024

Malus 'Frau Luise Dittman' flower1

Malus 'Frau Luise Dittman' flower
mid March 2024

General tree description

Malus 'Frau Luise Dittmann' has large, double pink flowers approximately 3cm in diameter. The fruits are yellow and about 2.5cm in diameter.