Magnolia tripetala #2 at Bute Park

Magnolia tripetala 0

Magnolia tripetala
early March 2016

Magnolia tripetala 1

Magnolia tripetala
early June 2016

Grid reference ST 17899 76487
Common name Umbrella tree
Origin East USA
Deciduous Yes
Status Rare
Status Wales Champion 2023
Tag 1751 see below
Height 9.5M March 2016
Height 9M January 2023
Girth 118cm March 2016
Girth 127cm January 2023
Reference 419

This tree is in the Southern woodland east, close to the Castle.

Its black plastic name plate has tree number 1637, which belongs to a different Magnolia tripetala nearby but closer to the foot path.

Magnolia tripetala bark

Magnolia tripetala bark
March 2016

Magnolia tripetala flower

Magnolia tripetala flower
late May 2016

Magnolia tripetala flower2

Magnolia tripetala flower
early June 2016

Magnolia tripetala fruit

Magnolia tripetala fruit
early October 2016

General tree description

Magnolia tripetala is a small tree, up to 14 metres tall. It has smooth grey bark that develops fissures. The leaves are very large, 30 to 50cm long and 15 to 25cm broad, tapering at the base. There are strongly scented, cream flowers, 18 to 25cm across, in May and June, followed by distinctive red/pink, cone-shaped fruits (cucumbers) 8cm long.