Magnolia campbellii at Bute Park

Magnolia campbellii 0

Magnolia campbellii
mid March 2017

Magnolia campbellii 1

Magnolia campbellii
late April 2019

Grid reference ST 17782 77013
Common name Campbell's magnolia
Origin Himalaya & SW China
Deciduous Yes
Tag 2373
Height 11M January 2016
Girth 114cm January 2016
Girth 135cm February 2023
Reference 391

This tree is on the east edge of the Apples group, beside the north-south footpath

Magnolia campbellii bark

Magnolia campbellii bark
mid March 2017

Magnolia campbellii bud

Magnolia campbellii bud
mid March 2017

Magnolia campbellii flower

Magnolia campbellii flowers
mid March 2017

Magnolia campbellii leaf

Magnolia campbellii leaves
late April 2019

General tree description

Magnolia campbellii is a medium to large tree, up to 23 metres tall with a conic shape at first, but spreading when mature. It has grey, partially fissured bark. Its leaves are large - up to 30cm long - broadly elliptic, matt green above and hairy underneath. The flowers are a deep rose-pink and appear in early spring before the leaves. They are initially goblet shaped, later opening wide, up to 30cm across. The fruits are clyindrical, about 20cm long, containing red seeds.