Hovenia dulcis #1 at Bute Park

Hovenia dulcis 0

Hovenia dulcis (centre)
late August 2022

Grid reference ST 17704 76686
Common name Japanese raisin tree
Origin East Himalaya & China
Deciduous Yes
Status Very rare
Status Wales Champion 2022
Tag 3284
Missing old tag 189
Planted 1990-91 by Malcom Frazer
Height 10M August 2022
Girth 53cm August 2022
Reference 840

Roughly half way along the Riverside Border and 150M south of the Summerhouse Cafe.

Hovenia dulcis bark1

Hovenia dulcis bark
late August 2022

Hovenia dulcis flower1

Hovenia dulcis flowers
late August 2022

Hovenia dulcis leaf1

Hovenia dulcis leaf
late August 2022