Fraxinus pennsylvanica at Bute Park

Fraxinus pennsylvanica 0

Fraxinus pennsylvanica
early October 2023

Grid reference ST 17720 77249
Common name Green ash
Common name Red ash
Common name Water ash
Origin East North America
Deciduous Yes
Missing tag 2790
Orange tag 05519
Height 17M October 2023
Girth 140cm October 2023
Reference 888

This tree is on the north corner of the vehicle entrance beside the Dock Feeder canal in the park.

Fraxinus pennsylvanica bark1

Fraxinus pennsylvanica bark
early October 2023

Fraxinus pennsylvanica leaf1

Fraxinus pennsylvanica leaves
early October 2023

Fraxinus pennsylvanica bud1

Fraxinus pennsylvanica buds
early October 2023

General tree description

Fraxinus pennsylvanica is a medium sized tree, and may grow up to 23 metres tall. It has grey-brown bark which becomes fissured with age. There are inconspicuous flowers in early spring before the leaves. The leaves are large (up to 14 x 6cm) and pinnate with three to nine slender pointed leaflets. These are shiny green, slightly downy underneath and with serrated edges. The autumn colour is golden-yellow and may start to appear from early September, depending on climate. The fruit is a yellowish-grey samara, 2.5 to 7.5cm long, appearing in bunches in autumn.