Cunninghamia lanceolata at Bute Park

Cunninghamia lanceolata 0

Cunninghamia lanceolata
mid February 2022

Grid reference ST 17614 76929
Common name Chinese fir
Origin China and Vietnam
Deciduous No
Status Rather rare
Tag 3920
Height 15M March 2022
Girth 114cm March 2022
Girth 115cm February 2023
Reference 808

This tree on the west side of the Camellia Garden, beside the main north-south path.

Cunninghamia lanceolata bark1

Cunninghamia lanceolata bark
mid February 2022

General tree description

Cunninghamia lanceolata is a medium sized tree growing to around 20 metres tall. It has a conical shape but may spread and develop a flatter top with age. The bark is red-brown and furrowed. The leaves are up to 7cm long, 5mm broad at the base, and tapering to a sharp tip. They are glossy bright green above, whitish below, and in autumn they may darken to a bronze colour. The old red-brown leaves are retained, a characteristic of the tree. In autumn, there are clusters of seed cones, rounded or ovoid, 3 to 4cm across.