Crataegus orientalis #2 at Bute Park

Crataegus orientalis 0

Crataegus orientalis
mid May 2016

Grid reference ST 17580 77403
Common name Oriental thorn
Alternative name Crataegus laciniata
Origin Asia Minor, Greece and Crimea
Deciduous Yes
Status Rather rare
Tag 2723
Old tag 253
Height 4M June 2016
Girth 32cm @ 1M June 2016
Girth 37cm @ 1M February 2023
Reference 438

This tree is in the northerly section of the Hawthorn group and near the main footpath. By mid June 2016 this tree, although looking healthy, had very few flowers. In late August 2016 no fruit could be seen. No thorns were seen on the tree.

The following table gives the approximate physical measurements of examined haws together with the number of pips found within them.

Diameter mm Length mm No. of pips
19.4 17.0 4
19.4 17.2 4
19.2 16.0 5
19.4 17.3 5

Haws were slightly polygonal and diameter was measured across corners.

Crataegus orientalis leaf

Crataegus orientalis leaves
mid May 2016

Crataegus orientalis flower

Crataegus orientalis flowers
mid June 2016

Crataegus orientalis flower2

Crataegus orientalis flowers
mid June 2016

General tree description

Crataegus orientalis is a small tree, usually up to about 7 metres tall. It has a neat round or flat head of branches usually on a single vertical stem. Often the branches are thornless. The bark is brown, perhaps with orange-pink tints, and coarsely scaly. The leaves are deeply cut, dark green above and grey underneath, with fine hairs on both sides. There are white flowers in early summer, and in autumn large (18mm) haws, red or yellowish-red and containing five pips.