Corylus colurna at Bute Park

Corylus colurna 0

Corylus colurna
late November 2016

Corylus colurna 1

Corylus colurna
mid April 2017

Corylus colurna 2

Corylus colurna
late September 2017

Grid reference ST 17607 76961
Common name Turkish hazel
Origin SE Europe and SW Asia
Deciduous Yes
Status Wales Champion 2023
Missing tag 3136
Height 17M November 2016
Girth 222cm November 2016
Girth 251cm February 2023
Reference 487

This tree is on the western edge of the Camellia Garden, at the foot of the slope down from the footpath. It is about 130M north of the Millenium Bridge.

Corylus colurna bark1

Corylus colurna
late February 2023

Corylus colurna catkin

Corylus colurna (male) catkins
late December 2016

Corylus colurna catkin2

Corylus colurna (male) catkins
late January 2017

Corylus colurna flower

Corylus colurna (female) flower
late January 2017

Corylus colurna fruit1

Corylus colurna fruit
early July 2023

Corylus colurna leaf

Corylus colurna leaf
late April 2017

Corylus colurna leaf2

Corylus colurna Autumn leaves
late September 2017

General tree description

Corylus colurna is a large tree, up to 26 metres tall, with a straight trunk and broad conical shape. Its bark is pale brown and scaly. The leaves are large - up to 15cm long - and shiny dark green. They are broadly oval, heart shaped at the base and coarsely double-toothed. The male flowers (catkins) appear in winter or early spring, 5 to 10cm long, pale yellow and very decorative. Female flowers are bright red but very small and inconspicuous. In autumn there are edible nuts aproximately 1cm across, with hairy husks.