Celtis sinensis at Bute Park

Celtis sinensis 0

Celtis sinensis
early October 2022

Grid reference ST 17697 76831
Common name Chinese nettle tree
Common name Chinese hackberry
Origin China, Korea & Japan
Deciduous Yes
Status Very rare
Status Wales Champion 2023
Missing tag 2183
Missing old tag 226
Height 8M Nov 2022
Girth 158cm @ 0.5M October 2022
Reference 855

This tree is at the north end of Old Man's Wood east, 50M south east of the Summerhouse Cafe. It has a very wide spread.

Celtis sinensis bark1

Celtis sinensis bark
early October 2022

Celtis sinensis leaf1

Celtis sinensis leaves
early October 2022